BP 10

One example in my own thinking of multiplicity was when I was younger, before college, I believed that there is a God and that the people that did not believe in a God or believed in a God other than the God I believed in was wrong.

An example of multiplicity in my own thinking occurred when I first learned about the big bang theory. I learned the scientific theory that the universe was developed by a big bang. Before that, I had been told that God created the earth and the universe. This conflicted with what I believed in.

An example in my own thinking that reflected relativism occurred while talking to a friend about politics. My friend, who associated with the opposite party I associate with, was trying to make his case about police violence and african americans. We clearly had differing opinions but i was able to respect his opinion, while still believing what I believed was right.

In the text Broderick(2015) states that when young adults begin to lose their protection and are faced with taking responsibility for their own decisions it helps develop their thinking.

Broderick (2015) states that another marker of events that may help young adults develop into their current levels of thinking is higher education.

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