BP 7


Our culture is full of gender specific messages that say what boys and girls can and can’t do.  These messages can be either restrictive, meaning it is a message directed toward one gender or the other, or inclusive, which includes both genders.

One restrictive message in our society is that boys should not show emotion or cry.  In the textbook, the authors discuss that parents place more pressure on preschool boys than girls to not cry or express emotions (Broderick & Blewitt, 2010). Another restrictive message in our culture is that boys should not play with dolls or conform to other gender-stereotypic activity.

One inclusive message in our society is that girls can partake in physical activities such as weight lifting, basketball, MMA and other sports. Girls have become more and more included in the sports world over the years. Another inclusive message in our culture is that females are encouraged to pursue  careers in science and math, where as they did not used to be.

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