The ┬áNew York Longitudinal Study found that they could categorize 3 month olds into four temperament types: Difficult babies, Easy babies, slow to warm-up babies and a fourth category of babies that did not fit into any of the other three temperament groups. Difficult babies, when compared to the other babies, showed more signs of fear, irritablilty, they were more active, displayed less positive affect and were more irregular. Parent’s with a “difficult baby” might be able to affect the level of attachment by being responsive to the needs of the baby without getting agitated. The Easy babies were less active, more positive and more placid. These parent’s will have an easier time affecting the level of attachment as basic care, affection and attending to the babies needs will form secure attachment. Slow to warm up babies show more wariness in new situations and are fearful. These parents will need to be alert of their child and attend to it when needed. Parents will need to be patient with child and not get irritated.

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