The character from todays pop culture that I chose is Peter Griffin, and his parenting style is neglecting-uninvolved. Peter is categorized as a neglecting-uninvolved because he shows very low interest in his kids lives, especially Meg’s. Peter is always off doing his own thing with his friends and not involved in his children’s lives.

Another charateristic that categorizes Peter as a neglectful-uninvolved parent is that he is not responsive to his children’s needs. As mentioned above, Peter spends 99% of his time at the bar with his buddies or involved in some kind of adventure.  When he is home with the kids he avoids them, or makes his wife, Louis tend to their needs.

Peter also makes negative attributes to his children. Usually Meg is  the one insulted the most but he has been seen to call Chris fat and Meg ugly.

Lastly, Peter is categorized as a neglectful-uninvolved parent because he is never seen being affectionate to his children. There are maybe a handful of times Peter is seen being affectionate toward his children.

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